Join us at Merriott Bowls Club

Come and have a go

Would you like to find out more about bowls? Would you like to have a go?

Just come along to the club at 9:45am on a Monday, or 6:00pm most Thursdays, and learn more about bowls and have a go yourself. All you need is flat soled shoes such as trainers, we will provide everything else.

Merriott Bowls Club welcomes new members of all abilities. We have regular coaching sessions to help beginners gain experience and experienced players improve their technique.

If you haven’t played before, don’t worry we will help you learn all about the game. Unlike some clubs the majority of our games are mixed, and so there are the same opportunities for both ladies and men.

Whether you have played before or are new to the game we would love to see you at 9:45am on a Monday morning, or 6:00pm most Thursdays. For any of these sessions all you need to bring is a pair of flat soled shoes such as trainers. Someone will explain the basics  and you will be able to bowl a few bowls to get the feel of the game. Dont worry – you won’t be thrown in at the deep end!

If you choose to join us the membership for the first year is just £35.

Experienced players can come along to our umbrella sessions at 10am on a Monday, or contact one of the committee.

Anyone wanting more information can also use the Contact Form.

If you would like to join us please complete the application form found in the link below.

Useful information for new players


We have a selection of woods (bowls) and other equipment for you to try out. We strongly recommend that you use our woods to get used to size, weight and bias, before buying your own. The only thing you will need to start is a pair of flat soled shoes.

Once you decide to join you will be provided with a fob  (£10 returnable deposit required) that will enable you to access the changing rooms and toilet facilities. There you will find the key to the shed where all the equipment is kept. You will be able to come and practise at any time, but check first when the rink is being cut or any matches are being played.


The Club has a fully qualified coach (see P4) to help you learn everything you need to know about bowling and develop your skills, Regular coaching is available at the Monday morning Umbrella (see below),and check the notice board for extra sessions and individual coaching opportunities.


We have an Umbrella Match at 10am on Monday mornings. This is a friendly Club match with teams being chosen by picking numbers from a bag. There is also a fun competition evening at 6pm on Thursdays and many club competitions for new players to enter. You will be encouraged to put your name down for league and friendly matches, because the best way to improve your match play skills is to play matches. Have a go, league and friendly matches are competitive and fun.


We have several social events during the year.  The money from these, help to keep our costs down and it is a good way to meet all the other members. They include overseas tours (Portugal 2023), Finals Day, barbeques, quiz nights, treasure hunts, indoor bowls weekends in December and many more, Donations of raffle prizes are always welcome for all these events. 


Our annual subscriptions are £70 per year (2023) with a 50% discount for newcomers. We also have social members £10. The subscriptions are due in April when we have a Social Evening to start the season. At this time, you will also receive your copy of the Fixtures List.

At each match we pay £3 match fee. There is usually a raffle of £1 and when playing at home we buy our opposite number on the competitor’s team, a drink. So a home match costs approx. £7.50


Members do all the work on the green, gardens and clubhouse. This helps to keep our costs down and as result our subs are very reasonable compared with some other clubs. We hope you will be able to help with some of these jobs if you are able. Cutting the green is a more specialised job but training is at hand. You will also be invited to join sub committees, and help organise social events


To start playing on the green in practice or internal club competitions, you will need a white top and grey trousers/skirt or shorts and flat shoes. When representing the club, you will be expected to wear a club shirt and white trousers/skirt or shorts

Club shirts, fleeces, rainwear etc can be ordered through the Club Secretary who can advise you on sizes and costs. Shirts start from around £25 (2023)


The following is a list of the rules of the Club. Don’t be intimidated. Merriott prides itself on being a friendly club Lots of it you will not need to know for a while. If you are not sure about anything, just ask. We all started not knowing anything. These rules apply to all members and visitors to the Club. The rules are made and agreed by the Management Committee.


Trousers, cropped trousers, shorts or skirts are required for all games. These are usually white for daytime league and friendly matches. Greys are worn at evening matches, club competitions including the Umbrella and roll ups. Club shirts/tops are worn for all matches. Jackets may be white or Club fleeces. Regulation bowling shoes should be worn on the greens. If hats or rain caps are worn, they should be white. Waterproof rainwear should be predominately white.


Bowlers are required to refrain from using bowls in any way likely to cause damage to the bowling surface.

The Captain/Greenkeeper shall at all times have the final decision on the fitness of the green for play.

All Bowls used by members in any Club match, National or County Competition shall bear the current Club Sticker.

Bowlers are required to behave in accordance with accepted etiquette of the game. This includes:

  • Always be on time for a match, arrive half an hour before match start. If delayed get a message to someone at the club.
  • At the start of each match introduce yourself and shake hands with all players on your rink.
  • During the game help the lead by handing them the jack/mat, pushing back bowls.
  • Stand still and quiet behind the mat when a player is about to bowl.
  • Stand still when you are behind the head.
  • Compliment your opponent on a good bowl.
  • Pay attention to the game. You should know the position of your team’s woods.
  • Do not wander off the rink during play.
  • Praise and encourage your own team members.
  • Keep out of the head when shots are being decided. This is decided by the no. 3’s in Fours.
  • Fulfil the responsibilities of the position you are playing and let others do theirs.
  • Do not criticise other players on your rink.
  • If you are deciding shots and are in doubt, measure.
  • Do not criticise the green, it’s the same for everyone.
  • Remember bowls is a game to enjoy. Be humble in victory and generous in defeat.
  • Offensive language and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by the Club


Rules for the competitions are displayed on the notice board. Members must be aware of the rules for the specific competition they are playing in.

General rules are: 

  • The first named player in a singles match offers their opponent a choice of dates for the game to be played and is responsible for arranging a marker.
  • Games must be played by the date shown on the competition schedule.
  • Any delay beyond the cut-off date must be agreed with the Captain.
  • Score cards must be used for competitions and completed cards kept for reference.
  • If a player is unable to play on any of at least three offered dates or within an acceptable period then they will forfeit the game. This must be agreed with the Captain.
  • When a match has been arranged it must be entered in the diary.


No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the Clubhouse or on the green. A smoking area is available at the side of the Clubhouse.